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Update on Your Face is a Saxophone Delays

So here’s what still needs to get done for Episode 3:

  • Rerecord some of Dave Lanz’s dialogue for Blake
  • Record a few lines with Mike Luiso for Shaun the Intern
  • Start animating

It’s that last one which is really bothering me. I was planning to start animating a few weeks ago, right after we finished recording Alex Green’s dialogue for Andrew. Then, some family drama cropped up, which didn’t turn out to be great for my mental health. It’s gotten to the point where Tuesday night, I didn’t go to sleep. I’d been awake for a little over 36 hours straight when I finally lay down last night. And then I woke up at 4:45 PM.

The weird thing is, what kept me up on Tuesday was the fact that I was working on a completely unrelated side project. So I’m definitely not impaired from working on stuff in general. I don’t understand my brain sometimes.

Now, I’ve felt bad before for slacking off on YFIAS. This time, though, my inbox or Twitter feed occasionally pops up with comments, messages, and engagement from adoring fans. It makes me smile every time, while at the same time making me feel like I’m letting them down.

So, that’s why I’m publicly stating that I’m going to take this weekend to decompress, and then I will start animating Episode 3 on Monday, April 30th. There. I’ve set a hard deadline that the Internet will be mad at me for missing. Now I have to do it.

This is part of the reason I’m trying to build Plankhead into a larger organization: I don’t operate very well all by myself. Mike won’t be able to really assist with animation till the summer (assuming we can get Motion to stop crashing on his Hackintosh, but that’s probably related to the fact that XFX mailed him two faulty graphics cards in a row); Dave and Erica (Frohnhoefer, who helped animate Episode 2) don’t have Macs. So I’m essentially tackling the animation alone.

That’s also why I’ve started to regret getting addicted to Motion, because it limits our animators to the following very small set of criteria:

  1. Mac users
  2. Who have a Mac that’s theoretically powerful enough to run Crysis (without patches!) on the highest graphics settings, because that’s apparently what Motion requires to only whine like a little bitch occasionally as opposed to constantly

Sadly, learning Blender is just another thing on the list of the bajillion things I need to do besides animate Episode 3. It is, however, essential to the future of this project. I have a lot of eager friends and fans without Macs, and you know what? Motion really isn’t cut out to do the type of stuff we’re pushing it to do anyway. We’re building full 3D environments in this thing. I really need to stop blaming the lazy developers for all of the problems I’m having with it, and start blaming them for only some of them.

Then again, I’ve heard horror stories about how horribly unoptimized Maya is (unless you pay Nvidia an extra seven thousand dollars to give you the un-DRM’d version of their graphics card, in which case it’s only vexingly unoptimized). So perhaps you can’t get away from this stuff. When is John Carmack going to make an animation program? That would solve everything.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on. I love all you guys and stuff. Now I should probably have breakfast. Or is it dinner at this hour?

    • Dread Knight

      Blender is more than suitable for animating YFIAS and it’s free, open source, cross platform and not *THAT* much of a resource hog. And btw, fuck maya.

      Could give you a hand with getting you up to speed with blender and perhaps even work with you on animating the episodes from time to time or find you some other blender-heads.

      Also, using blender for YFIAS would increase the show’s popularity automatically.

      • Zacqary Adam Green

        I would LOVE to have a Blender buddy. Going through online tutorials all by myself is lonely and demoralizing.

        Let’s talk further after I’ve gotten my shit together.

      • Carlos Solís

        Great idea! Many people (me and him included) don’t learn too much from guides alone, and a hand-to-hand tutor works the best with them.

    • Lorraine Lee

      I guess that confirms my suspicion that DRM is intended as a value-subtracted feature.

      • Zacqary Adam Green

        No, actually, it adds the value of ensuring the health of the creative industries so that the consumer can later experience more HA HA HA HA HA sorry I couldn’t keep a straight face.

    • Jeremy Kellerman

      You have my support, good sir; consider me a committed new fan, blog-subscribed and errything. 

      Since I’ve discovered Plankhead, I’ve been struck by how much if it is stuff I either have already thought of and wished existed, or would have if I’d thought about it more. The alternative to corporate culture/free culture ethos, of “rebuilding” culture from the ground up (perhaps a Sissyphean task but worthwhile none the less I think), as well as the idea of essentially an artists co-op are ideas that in just the last few months I had thought of myself and thought “gee, it’d be great if someone would set up these things; artists could really benefit from support-groups.” I am, frankly, delighted that you have taken the first steps to make these things a reality, and that someone out there is more proactive with these ideas than I have been, or am able to be.

      I’m currently tied up trying to raise enough funds to buy equipment for my first attempt at a documentary (recording device, a spare mic, and probably another memory card or two for the recording device thing, in addition to who knows what else will come up) so finances are rather tight. If possible, though, I’m hoping to contribute to YFIAS by July. Unfortunately I don’t have much of a support group myself, but I will try and spread the word of Plankhead to the few friends I have who would likely appreciate it. I recently told a friend of mine about it, as he has expressed interest in translation before, so there’s a chance he may attempt to translate YFIAS into Arabic and Kurdi.

      Keep on keepin’ on and best wishes to you. The Jeremy Kellerman Advice Hour Archive will be at your service if at all possible; if you need a writer or some such, don’t hesitate to ask.

      • Zacqary Adam Green

        Email me about this doc you’re working on. I might be able to advise you on stuff. Or, at the very least, be Somebody Interested In Your Work™.

        • Jeremy Kellerman

          Many thanks! I’ll send you an email soon! Any advice would indeed be appreciated; all of my film-making experience is rank amateur really, despite having noodled around with a few video projects over the years (and two legit short FILMS (actual film, woo!) I did for a beginner’s film-making class). I tend to get bogged down easily by technological issues, similar to your recent struggles with Final Cut X. Anyway, I’ll explain more about the whole thing in the email, and thanks again!

    • Karasu Gamma

      I need to make note of the distinction between “horribly unoptimized” and “vexingly unoptimized” more often.

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